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Aero Exhaust performance mufflers are the first exhaust products to combine the performance benefits of a straight through muffler without insulation that breaks down over time. The first true lifetime performance muffler. So whether you like the deep throaty sound of the Flowmaster or the straight through high flow design of the Magnaflow, you’ll love the Aero Exhaust.

Aero Exhaust performance mufflers are constructed with stainless steel both inside and outside. As a universal muffler the Aero Turbine can be used on all makes and models; including gas, diesel and propane vehicles. It is also one of the only free-flow mufflers on the market that will hold up to NOS and still qualify as street legal.

2540i – Designed for the street racing performance enthusiast, the 2540i will give your street rod or performance import the look you want and the performance you expect. If you’re serious about racing performance, the 2540i is the only choice right for you.

2525 – Designed to increase overall performance, the 2525 combines amazing versatility and economy to give you the best all around performance muffler available on the market today. For use on all vehicles with 2″ to 2.5″ exhaust.

3030 – This muffler has changed the truck and SUV performance exhaust market forever. One of our most popular, the 3030 will add new levels of performance to your vehicle. For use on all vehicles with 2.75″ to 3″ exhaust pipes.

3535 – The latest breakthrough in diesel performance exhaust, the 3535 is the only performance muffler that will give you the performance of a full system while only replacing the stock muffler. For use with stock 3.5″ diesel exhaust pipes. 4040 – The latest breakthrough in diesel performance exhaust, the 4040 performance diesel is the most highly rated temperature reducing muffler on the market today.4040L – Designed to give your diesel truck an incredible performance increase while maintaining a more mellow tone.

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Heard a car earlier on the road and really liked the sound it produced? Thinking about trying to get that same sound? Aero can help you meet that goal. They manufacture several different style of exhaust systems and universal mufflers which reduce back pressure, increase horse power and torque and increase MPG.