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It all began in the late 1800s with two brothers from Bradford, PA, George and Earl Holley – teenage boys who learned how to make patterns and castings so they could build a one cylinder engine. That engine was put onto a three wheeled vehicle that hit an impressive 30 MPH. T In 1903, at the urging of Henry Ford, the Holley brothers entered the carburetor business and became industry leaders in fuel system technology. In 2003 Holley was recognized as one of four original suppliers still selling to Ford after 100 years.

The 1960’s were huge for the hot rod industry, and Holley, as the Model 4150 became original equipment on the baddest factory muscle cars ever to come out of Detroit.

The 1970s saw Holley’s continuation of dominance in racing with nearly every factory NHRA┬« Super Stock/Pro Stock racer running Holley’s. That hasn’t changed and in fact, Holley carbs have powered more drag racers than all other carbs combined, still today.

Holley entered the 1980’s positioned as the only carburetor manufacturer to offer entire fuel systems from intakes to fuel pumps.

In the 1990’s Holley continued its new product introductions. The wildly popular HP Pro Series race ready carburetors were introduced and have become the standard in racing ever since. The, still popular, SysteMAX┬« engine kits were introduced with matched cylinder heads, intakes and cams. The Dominator also evolved in the ’90s into the HP Dominator, huge billet electric fuel pumps were introduced, and retrofit EFI kits evolved into digital Pro-Jection 4D and 4Di. At the end of the 1990s Holley acquired several other top brands in their categories including Weiand intakes and superchargers, Flowtech Exhaust, Hooker Headers, Earl’s Plumbing and NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems, expanding their offering and securing the title of the Winningest Company in Racing History.

Want a flashy stainless steel dual exhaust for your vehicle? If so, Holley can hook you up with a system that not only will turn heads because of it’s looks, but will also drop jaws and make ears ring because of the beautiful music which comes from within!

Looking for a new exhaust system for your vehicle? Holley has what you need, they manufacture several different style of exhaust systems and universal mufflers which reduce back pressure, increase horse power and torque and increase MPG.

Have an antique vehicle? Maybe an old ex-military vehicle? Holley has exhaust systems and parts which will help you restore your old ride to it’s original glory.