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JBA is one of the most trusted names in the aftermarket exhaust industry because of their commitment to manufacturing excellence. The product designs are original and innovative and always deliver. Power, quality, fit, durability and smog legality are what they are known for. In 1987, those qualities were not present in the header or exhaust industry so they set out to build our own products to meet the needs of the growing street performance market.

Originally developed for the 5.0L Mustang, JBA’s direct replacement “shorty” headers were engineered with heavy-duty features, easy installation, a durable design and emissions legal status made them an instant hit with automotive enthusiasts across America. As demand grew and emissions regulation increased, they saw the need to broaden our product line to cover most popular GM, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Nissan and Toyota vehicles. JBA has applied manufacturing philosophy and build qualities to our entire product line to offer you the most complete line of quality exhaust products in the industry.

Have an antique vehicle? Maybe an old ex-military vehicle? JBA Performance has exhaust systems and parts which will help you restore your old ride to it’s original glory.

Want a flashy stainless steel dual exhaust for your vehicle? If so, JBA Performance can hook you up with a system that not only will turn heads because of it’s looks, but will also drop jaws and make ears ring because of the beautiful music which comes from within!

Looking for a new exhaust system for your vehicle? JBA Performance has what you need, they manufacture several different style of exhaust systems and universal mufflers which reduce back pressure, increase horse power and torque and increase MPG.