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In the late nineties, the entire classic car hobby began to express an increased interest in performance. Unfortunately, not just one supplier could provide a complete exhaust system. Crossovers (x pipes) came from one company, tailpipes from another, mufflers from several more companies and hardware from yet another company.

Pricing was also too high, full systems cost customers in excess of $750! In 2002 pypes investigated producing Pypes exhaust systems and in 2003 Pypes Performance Exhaust was formed.

Pypes now supplies complete mandrel bent, performance exhaust systems for American performance vehicles ranging from the 1950’s to the present day. Most of their systems include a custom designed X-pipe at a considerably lower price than others that include no crossover at all or just a basic balance tube with their systems. Pypes also performance matches systems with a choice of 4 distinct mufflers to best suit your horsepower and sound requirements, rather than forcing you to buy one type of technology that may not be best for your application.

Finally, Pypes is the only company in the industry that stocks fully polished aluminum ceramic systems. From, sales staff to unique products, from unique packaging, ‘real’ instructions and post sale technical support, you will get a fresh new look that you haven’t experienced from other exhaust companies.

Looking for a new exhaust system for your vehicle? Pypes has what you need, they manufacture several different style of exhaust systems and universal mufflers which reduce back pressure, increase horse power and torque and increase MPG.

Want a flashy stainless steel dual exhaust for your vehicle? If so, Pypes can hook you up with a system that not only will turn heads because of it’s looks, but will also drop jaws and make ears ring because of the beautiful music which comes from within!