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The history of the SuperTrapp muffler begins in the Davis, Calif. garage of inventor Paul Moller. In the late sixties he was immersed in experimental trials of the XM-3, his early attempt at a flying automobile. In desperate needs of funds, Moller began looking for an intermediate, far easier target for his newly developed tunable disc technology. Eventually Moller turned to a passion of his – motorcycles – and the SuperTrapp muffler was born, soon becoming one of the most popular aftermarket accessories ever made for motorcycles.

From those humble beginnings, SuperTrapp Industries, Inc. has grown to be a leading manufacturer of aftermarket performance exhaust systems for a variety of motor vehicle applications, including motorcycle, ATV and automotive. The SuperTrapp brand has long been recognized as the performance standard, combining added power with innovative styling, quality, and versatile sound.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, SuperTrapp employs more than 200 full-time personnel. In addition to a full line of branded aftermarket exhaust systems, the company also owns and manufactures Kerker brand exhausts, Mean Mothers drag pipes, and the Road Legends series of drag pipes. SuperTrapp is also the OEM supplier on major domestic and international bike brands. SuperTrapp also manufactures private label brands for the aftermarket parts and accessory programs of many major motorcycle manufacturers and for the larger distributors in the U.S., Europe and Japan. Out of the more than 200 motorcycle exhaust manufacturers worldwide, SuperTrapp ranks among the top five in performance exhaust market sales.

Have an antique vehicle? Maybe an old ex-military vehicle? SuperTrapp has exhaust systems and parts which will help you restore your old ride to it’s original glory.

Want a flashy stainless steel dual exhaust for your vehicle? If so, SuperTrapp can hook you up with a system that not only will turn heads because of it’s looks, but will also drop jaws and make ears ring because of the beautiful music which comes from within!